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Beautiful….is YOU!! YOU!!

We’re ugly…. this is the biggest lie we tell to ourselves…. Our concern should be about how and what we are than how we look…. I mean , yeah , your looks has to do the personality building thing but we have to control ourselves…. this frenzy that we’re trapped in…. seriously !! knock it off people…. We’re beautiful , we’re perfect … although perfect is nothing but it’s good to be nothing… :p (I’m just trying to say it in style.. 😀 )…. This is your life… take it , shake it and squeeze it but don’t let others ruin it…. who are they…. literally , who the hell are they…?? So just relax , have that glass of coke , say cheers and smile to yourself….
“Hey!! look that guy is wearing the jacket of my dreams , my darling… ;( ” so now you’ve just started a battle cry between your eyes and your heart… your stupid brains are silent…. there’s jealousy and hatred…” why the hell I don’t have it..? ;( “… hello… it’s not your time , and when it’ll be your time , you’ll have it…. and you don’t need it anyway….. your jacket’s much cooler than his’ ….. so pleaseeee….. smile… 🙂


‘L’ is for Life , but wait , it stands for ‘Loser’ too :O

'L' is for Life , but wait , it stands for 'Loser' too :O

What’s that word again…. LIFE…yep that is it….. So Life is a loser , it’s the dumbest crap ever … call it whatever you want but that’s all you got … if there’s life , there’s you…. So yeah my friends that’s a fact of nature… Life can get harder and harder …. well it has to get harder …. it has all faces … just like a human changes … life changes too…… it holds different tastes …..sometimes sweet , sometimes bitter , sometimes sour , sometimes salty…… So it has dimensions and structures but differently…. and we have our own ways to judge it….. It takes a skill to handle it…..a tact to tackle it completely……….. I sound boring….:p I know…..but here’s the best part……. Life is just running….you have to carve a way for it… it could have a way to run on …… You carve diversions , you get it trembled….. So make a smooth road for it to pace smoothly on it….. I hope you get what I mean… Peace out… 😉

“Walking alone is better than walking alone in a mob”

Many times in life we are cheated and deceived by poeple very near to us..That feeling of dejection and disappointment that takes birth at such moments really makes us believe that we have been so long living in a world where making words is quite an easy task and hurting others a practice of daily routine for others…:-/

At such a time every thing in life seems to have lost its value in our eyes and the word “Trust” sounds “meaningless”.Moreover the beautiful feelings of ‘sincerity’ and ‘love’ look like a weopon being used cleverly by such people,meant to destroy completely, others from inside…In such a situation, the picturesque sights of the world around do not captivate u nor they are able to rejoice u unless u are urself inclined to do so.Then u feel that its better to stay away , as much possible, from the world as possible than to get hurt.And u realize that its  better to walk alone than in a mob of deceitful people  ..

As in such times u are really hurt and if u endeavor to commit your feelings to the paper,I assure u, you can come up with really a great piece of writing…so here I am sharing with you a poem,which are actually the feelings I came across during such a period of time in my life…

Title:  DECEIT

Expect nothing from this world

Because it is deceitful

Trust nobody in this world

Because everyone is untruthful

Beware of those who exhilarate

Because they know the key to betray

They never confide but always contrive

Ways to deceive the ones who believe

Friendship,kindness,love and courtesy

Are words blatantly spoken by them

But I warn u not to get confused by them

Because these are mere words not meant by them

They are the ones who actually make you stumble

But tend to ensure that they help you struggle

For you,it might be a superficial thought

But friends,literally its the truth of the lot

Dont shrug off these ideas considering them trivial

Soon you will realize that they are purely real..!!!

The ()utskirts

The ()utskirts.

A New Beginning

Hope, live and love

Hope, live and love

A new beginning is what you hit after a hurricane hits you .

Parents being nicer infront of your friends…:P


So many times we come across these expected ” Good Attitudes ” of our parents….. OMG !! it seems so bogus and one might literally wanna feel like laughing at what goes on at that spot… It’s really stupid….

So yeah! they wanna be nicer to your friends because it seems to them as if the world would change their thoughts about them but what about their children ….. L.O.L… Only we bring out the darkest sides of our parents…. they’re like “Have you seen that stupid genius friend of yours and how she studies geek-ly , you should be studying like her and you’re such a lowbrow …..where have you lost your brains… I had them , your father too but what the hell is wrong with you…” ….. and you’re like ” Gosh!! shut up already” 😀 …

Well ! they should be bringing out the best in us , instead of telling us to be someone else , they should tell us to be ourselves…….. What can we say or do anyway….. Parents got their own perspective and way of looking at things that we see differently at … They have to pick our faults so they could correct us…. but what in the world would comparing us with our friends , do… Never mind !! ;)…

My Very First Blog:

Hi guys this will be obviously me first ever blog, i am not 1 of those people who usually start a blog for any special purpose or reason , but i thought it would be fun to do that. An online journal of my thoughts to run loose of me and let you people know. This would be a good place to share my experience, my thoughts and other stuffs going on with me.

Some of my friends either owe a blog or they are just trying to make one, so here is mine after watching them.

i have nothing running in my mind right now, any structure or any stuff like that to post but i ll surely be posting daily or once in 2 3 days whenever i ll get free to share. This ll have to go with the flow.

Do comments for every post u read, so i ll get the idea that what u guyslike or dislike as i ll be wondering. THANKS